“Willing Seller Willing Buyer”


When the respondent used his own words to describe what happened, the story became more apparent. All comments received are accounted for in the brief quotations below. Each comment has been (subjectively) categorized next to the right margin as POS for positive toward the Park Service dealings, UNK for unknown, or NEG for negative. The original spelling has been retained. When the commenter is adding to the statement check-offs rather than elaborating on them, the story is not always clear from the brief quotation; explanations have then been inserted in some cases in brackets. For example, the terms Voluntary, Pressure, Inside park, Restrictions, Price set indicate how statements 1 through 5, respectively, were checked off. The number inside the brackets following the quotation is the code given each respondent.

4.1 POSITIVE STANCE Among the total of 209 commenters, 20 (10 per cent) expressed satisfaction with their park Service deals - POS. For some, restrictions had reduced the value of the property years ago and the owners had paid taxes while waiting to lose their land. They may have had double reason to be satisfied: getting rid of the land and at the same time contributing to its preservation [596, 712]. Others were even gushy [441, 489].

4.2 UNKNOWN STANCE Among the total of 209 commenters, 34 (16 per cent) did not clearly express their particular stand for or against the Park Service deals.

4.3 NEGATIVE STANCE Among the total of 209 commenters there were 155 (74 per cent) expressing dissatisfaction with their Park Service deals, by check-offs if not in the text. It should be emphasized that the address list used for this study was certified by the Park Service to contain names of 'sellers' only no eminent-domain cases were reflected on the list according to park Service letter Appendix 3.


o Being more than 75 years old I couldn't wait for the hassel of Court Procedure. [5, NM] NEG
o I was told that if we went to court my land would be condemned and taken. [9, FL] NEG 
o Land was sold with the understanding that access...would be restricted due to changes that the Federal Govt were going to make.... [11, SC] NEG 
o ...was told that there was nothing I could do....that if I took it to court I would loose and spend all kinds of money and that the price was what they said & couldn't be changed.... [13, FL] NEG 
o ...The Park Service was the only party interested. I was tired of paying taxes [16, NY] UNK 
o ...because it was going to be connected into a National Park.... At this time I was also informed that if I decided to go to court, all the court costs would have to be paid by me....The probability of loosing was greater than winning.... [22, FL] NEG
o We received a letter saying it was in a preserve.... [Price set YES] [34, FL] UNK
o ...if the land was not signed over to them...they would forcibly take the land from me against my will [37, FL] NEG
o To live in this country and have a Govt. agency tell you that you have no say in what you can do is assinine & demeaning. I know how our native Americans must have felt to have their land stolen under the pretext of Eminent Domain.... [Voluntary NO, Pressure YES] [43, NY] NEG
o ...I did not agree to sell on the first call but talked to my lawyer, it's hard to buck the government so I sold. Had feelings for this land beyond its material worth. [52, AZ] NEG
o ...I believe deliberate devaluation of my land by Government action (Nixon) is wrong - particularly without due-process!... [56, VA] NEG
o I either sell or loss the land....They inposed so many restriction.... [Voluntary NO] [60, FL] NEG
o We did not want to sell...but were told...it would make no difference - the Govt would get the land, and at the value that they had decided [61, NM] NEG
  When you are paid $2,500.00 for land that has no fair market value on the open market, you say 'Thank you' even though you have a $3,500.00 capital loss. [67, NC] NEG
o We did not make an issue selling, because we were told by the lady we called, we had no choice. [77, OH] NEG
o ...they have not paid for the land yet [Pressure YES] [86, FL] NEG
o The state and Government made it a park and their was no one else could or would buy the land. So I took what they would offer and felt lucky to get what I got. [90, WV] NEG
o ...we wished to maintain our property....informed us if we didn't sell, they would condemn the acreage and take it anyway! [94, MD] NEG
o ....Then the Federal Govt. came along & paid me $5,400 for land that is worth many times this amount if it had not been declared 'invironmentally sensitive'.... [Volontary NO] [97, GA]  NEG
o ....Restrictions reduced the value use of my land. Sell the land to the National Park Service or settled the case in court and also the price of the land in court. [Voluntary NO] [101, CT] NEG
o ...an agreement 2-3 years ago for the sale without debate. [103, NC] UNK
o ....I could have sold this property for more money and a buyer ready to buy but could not sell because the state took it over. [107, FL] NEG
o ....was told that I could go to court and lose (I have limited income so that was out),....The selling price was not negotiable except by my initiative in court.... [Voluntary NO] [108, TX] NEG
o ....I suppose I really feel resentment against the lawyer who sold us this property when he probably knew this process was coming up. [Voluntary NO] [112, MI] NEG
o I requested the Park Service purchase my property. [119, OH] UNK 
o The government mailed the request saying the land was to be used as a national preserve. Rather than fight the system I signed.... Was it voluntary or federal pressure? I don't know.... [125, VA] NEG
o I sold of my own free will & accord. [Price set YES] [129, NC] UNK
o This was a Voluntary sale...I was in no way coerced... [137, WA] UNK
o ...if I did not sell the land voluntary on my part, anyway the land was going to be expropriate by the government, and then I had to pay court costs, taxes, etc, etc. [147, FL] NEG
o ...they would not budge one (Sl)....taking them to court would only eat up all the money. [Pressure YES] [151, NJ] NEG
o I was told I had no choice, that the government would win in court, that it was a losing battle. [154, FL] NEG
o ...we were in no position to fight with them....have placed the 55 acre parcel,...in the hands of our attorney. [161, FL] NEG 
o ...The National Park Service told me I could wait for them to condemn the land and let the court decide....They knew they had me in a corner, so I was forced to take their offer. [180, FL] NEG
o They locked me out said I had no legal access! [Voluntary NO] [181, GA] NEG
o ...if we didn't accept the price...the govt would condemn the land and we would have to go to court & have the extra cost....we accepted...due to pressure.... [185, IN] NEG
o Had to take a big loss...real estate taxes for 20 years.[193, MA] NEG
o ...Florida State offered....about half the price....this property is supposed to be in The Florida State Park, near Miami [198, VA] UNK
o I agreed to the sale price because I figured it was my only and quickest way to receive my basic money back.... [204, NJ] NEG
o ...that I was not happy and they informed me I could challenge the appraisel but it would have to through congress....Needless to say I sold but I am not happy with the figure... [207, FL] NEG
o ...I was inform that if I did not sell at that price I could go to Court, but if I losted I would have to pay Court Cost etc attorneys, they did not give me much hope. [214, GA] NEG
o I was told sell at this price or face condemnation! [218, CO] NEG
o There was no 'case.' [219, VA] UNK
o The land was sold at a great loss - sold for less than 50% of its original price. [Voluntary NO] [231, FL] NEG
o ...There was no pressure for me to sell, except the knowledge that the money would do me much more good than the swamp-land ever could. [233, WA] POS
o ...To the best of my memory, she told me that this land would be taken by the right of eminent domain if needed. I figured I had no right to object and reluctantly agreed. [234, NC] NEG
o I wanted to sell my land [Pressure YES] [237, CA] NEG
o ...very disapointed since we always believe the land we bought 20 years ago was going to be our savings for the coming aging. Nobody ever advised us the land was going to be expropriated or was under any park reservation. [Voluntary NO] [242, PR]. NEG
o ...cancer operation...agreed to sell...appraised to $31,000. But the Park Service...for 15,000 & that's all we got.... [247, WV] NEG
o I was glad to sell it to the National Park Service [Inside park YES, Restrictions YES] [249, IL] POS
o We were told the land was inside a preserve....could not sell publicly because of this.... [260, NJ] NEG
o ....decided not to sell - I called the Land Office and told them my decision. They returned my call and said if I did not sell now, my land would be condemned and I would have to hire a lawyer and pay other costs. Therefore I agreed.... [264, MI] NEG
o entirely volume [!?] [272, IN] UNK
o ...earmarked for preservation....given the option...to keep the property until eventually condemned by the government....the assessed value...was their top offer. [274, FL] NEG
o ....Gov't decided to take area for expansion of Florida wetlands. Objected to price but it would have cost too much to fight; so I let it go.... [275, MO] NEG
o We sold voluntarily but we were told in the event we did not it would ultimately be taken by eminent domain. [281, MD]  NEG
o I have all papers concerning this matter....glad to forward some to you [Inside park YES, Restrictions YES] [283, FL] NEG
o I have no complaints. [290, AL] UNK
o ...wished it to go as stated for enlarging the wilderness.... [291, TN] POS
o ...they said I didn't have much choice as they would condemn it and they also said I could take it to Court, but it would be expensive and I would end up with less. [292, IL] NEG
o We had property...since approximately 1955....was told if I didn't sell the Government would condemn the property & I would have to take the U.S. Government to Court [297, NY] NEG
o ...If I refuse, they will condemn the land anyway I was advised by a lawyer, not to waste my money trying to get a higher price than offered, because it would be eaten up in legal fees.... [305, NJ] NEG
o ...Dade County put a moratorium on the land....Fed Government took both parcels for a total of $29,000, $9,288/acre with no recorse for me. [Voluntary NO) [309, FL] NEG
o We received letters from Dept of Interior with an offer...Some organization wrote wanting us to join, said could get more $ etc...Just took their offer [310, FL] UNK
o I was informed that I had no choice but to sell....would have to...hire an attorney to represent me in court. I was paid the same price...paid for the land over 20 years ago. [Voluntary NO] [312, NC] NEG
o ...to be included in a proposed preserve....[Restrictions YES] [314, FL] NEG
o 'THE SALE' was not entirely 'voluntary'....I was also told that litigation would probably cost me more than what I could possibly gain!...interpreted...as 'Federal Pressure.' [316, Panama] NEG
o Purchase price was determined by...Collier County, Naples Fla.... There was no dealing, pressure, or coersion....was to be joined onto the Everglades.... [Restrictions YES] [328, FL] UNK
o ...Now with the nr 675 Highway coming in the land was to be dumped. So the Federal Government has to buy the land at a Retale price?" [Inside park YES, Restrictions YES] [335, IN] NEG
o ...I saw no purpose to fight or challenge the price...did not thing I stood a chance to.get a good price...all the land surrounding mine was to be sold also [Inside park YES, Restrictions YES] [344, NY] NEG
o [Attached Park letter reads:...'In the event we have no response....It will then be necessary to initiate acqusition by eminent domain.... [351, FL] NEG
o Would have taken Eminent domain property if we did not agree to sell to National park service. [350, FL] NEG
o ...since the amount involved was not so big, I decided to sell and not to lose time and money with legal procedures, etc, but if not approached by them to sell, I would have not done it. [379, PR] NEG
o I was forced to sell because I was told that if I didn't, I'd have to go to court & pay all the court fees. [382, FL] NEG
o We had never been there, but were told by realtors it was swamp. [388, PA] UNK
o ...we were told they couldn't change their offer.... [Voluntary NO] [403, FL] NEG
o I don't know if the said land was inside a Park or preserve.... [406, FL] UNK
o ...to much hassle to fight.... environmentalists persuaded congress...and they converted...to National Park.... [412, CO] NEG
o ...the price offered was fair.... [420, VA] UNK
o I was told the property would be taken anyway, it I didn't sell.... [423, AZ] NEG
o ...no other use for the land...ajacent to a Federal preserve.... We were ready to sell, but the government said they could take it with or without consent.... [436, OH] NEG
o ....I was pleased to sell it to the Park Service. I greatly approve of the National Parks and want everything possible done to protect them. [411, IL] POS
o ....The 'taking' of our property was in the best interest of the country. [443, AR] POS
o We felt we had no alternative my husband was sick at the time and died soon after. [Voluntary NO] [449, NC] NEG
o ...I tri to get better price but they told me I hade no choice this was the reason I sold [Voluntary NO] [452, FL]  NEG
o ....I did not feel like going through court on a matter like this. If more money had been involved I might have waited for the Landowners Assn. to make its move through the court. [454, CO] NEG
o ....Completely satisfied with National Parks! [459, MD] POS
o The choice to sell property was entirely mine....property was bought about 40 years ago for $2.500. Sold for the same amount.., [467, PA] UNK
o I was led to believe I had no choice but to sell at their price & terms. [470, OR] NEG
o I had over 1 1/2 million dollars in cash invested in the 380 acres of land which the government told us to either take $140,000 or forget it. It was an absolute crime what they did! They said they could drag it out for 100 years if necessary! [471, FL] NEG
o I was sent a letter saving the Government buying the 2 1/2 acres for the Park, therefore, I sold it to them. [Pressure YES] [473, FL] NEG
o I have not received payment.... [Inside park YES, Restrictions YES] [481, MD] NEG
o ...agent who said...that my land was to be condemned as public domain and annexed....warned me that I had no grounds for arbitration and that court action would follow and my legal expenses would be horrendous....The coercion was pathetic. . . . [482, MD] NEG
o At any time, if I can help a state or the federal government, to some good for all people, [illegible] of my property, I am more than willing to help..,. [489, MI] POS
 o ...There was a threat of condemnation in the background but they were always fair.... [Voluntary NO] [490, NY] NEG
o Settled under threat of condemnation. We were told the government was ready to condemn and if we fought our attorney fees and other cost were not recoverable.... [495, FL] NEG
o ...We were told if we did not sell it the Government would condemn the land and take it....I called...and they said that was the way it was [501, NC] NEG
o ...Was told, we are going to buy it one way or the other for $7500. Go to court if you want, but no matter what you do you are going to be a loser....God only know how much it would have cost me in Attorney fees. [506, FL] NEG
o I had no choice! On sale or price!" [513, TX] NEG
o ....glad to sell it to the government. [515, FL] POS
o ...I was 'ripped off' for my land, I was given less than the original price - 20 Years ago! [Pressure YES] [523, NY] NEG
o ....I was the one to contact the Park...was very pleased.... [525, AR] POS
o ....The price was set by the buyer and we were told it was not negotiable! We learned of people...who did hire lawyers...they lost and were paid 1/2....and were really big big losers. We could not afford such a loss. [528, NC] NEG
o After nurturing this property and paying taxes on it for more than 30 years, I received only $2,500 in the sale. [535, FL] NEG
o We had no intention of selling, I was told I had to. [536, NY] NEG
o This is not the way to treat one who bought land, then have to sale it at a loss because the Government want to make it a Park. [543, FL] NEG
o ...I held it for 27 years and had no desire to sell it....when I asked them if I had to sell...I was told 'No, you can hire a lawyer & go to court, but it wouldn't really pay.' [549, NY] NEG
o I accepted the first offer because I couldn't afford to hold off and have to get an attorney...A new fence all along I-75 (Alligator Alley) barred access to the property. [553, FL] NEG
o ....I finally agreed to sell....I had refused for about 17 years but my place was unimproved so they didn't threaten me, However, I feel that they never did offer a fair price.... [562, AZ] NEG
o ....I would not have gone through with the sale except for other reasons, [565, FL] NEG
o ...I have been treated most unfairly....have received next to nothing in return. [Voluntary NO] [576, IL] NEG
  I should have had 2-$3000 dollars more for my land. However, I did not go to court because of the legal expenses I would have had to pay, [586,MN] NEG
o I was glad to sell my property to the National Park Service. 'Restrictions had reduced the value/use,' and I was paving $129.64 every year County taxes. I just hope in restoring the Everglades...to its original beauty [Inside park YES] [596, FL] POS
o I was told to sell - to go to court I would have to...incur court cost: loose case, property would be taken either way. Had no recourse but to sell....I was given no choice. [603, CA] NEG
o I was not interested in the sale of this land I bought a long time ago....The government said they need the land for the everglades and that was all they were going to pay for it. [Voluntary NO] [605, FL] NEG
o There was no case. I contacted them and they bought it. [619, NC]  UNK
o Previous experience with property I owned in the everglades. That the park took....And when my lawyers fought it, they barely got enough to pay for their fees. So I did not contest it this time....Just to keep the lawyers rich. [624, FL] NEG
o They made us an offer and we excepted it [Inside park YES, Restrictions YES] [630, FL] UNK
o ...In 1989 I received a letter...asking....I sold the land in July of 1992....No pressure on anyone's part. Glad to get rid of it. [Insidepark YES, Restrictions YES] [631, CT] UNK
o ....We felt like, 'Take it or leave it,' condemned and take their price anyhow, plus the time in court. A Big Disappointment. Like dealing with the 'Mafia' [632, FL] NEG
o [Letter from NPS: It will then be necessary to initiate acquisition by eminent domain procedures and have a Federal Court determine.... [633, FL] NEG
o I sold my land which I buy over ten year I paid about 20,000.00 theY paid 10,000.00 I tri to get better price but they told me I hade no choice this was the reason I sold. [637, FL] NEG
o ...got $625.00 from government. [Voluntary NO] [641, FL] NEG
o [Letter from Park Service, SE Region:....We hope, ...that you recosider and accept....] [Voluntary NO] [644, FL] NEG
o I was advised by the Park service that the price was set and would not be increased. If a court case was involved, I would be liable for court costs. [656, NY] NEG
o ...I'm satisfied with the deal I made....They said it was in (or close) to Everglades they were buying to preserve the water supply for South Florida. [659, IA] POS
o I was told it would cost more to go to court than the property would be worth. I would no doubt end up being taken by right of domain. [685, PA] NEG
o ....The government notified me that ultimately they would condemn ....I considered getting a separate appraiser but doubted I could raise the offered price by $2000 and would have additional expenses. To fight the condemnation would also cost money [693, NM] NEG
o I needed the money as I'm a handicapped person due to injuries. [Voluntary NO] [694, IL] NEG
o Its the Ecology - Bo. [696, NC] POS
o I wanted to keep this for my kids to use as a campsite. [Voluntary NO] [705, UT] NEG
o ...if I had started construction, the Park Service would have condemned the land....Rather than continue to pay taxes on land I could not use, I sold. [706, PA] NEG
o ....There was no negotiation with the Park Service...if you don't accept it we will force you to accept it in court, I could not afford to fight them. [711, TX] NEG
o ....I accepted with enthusiasm....The continued destruction of wetlands is environmentally unsound.... [712, FL] POS
o ...I have not sold property to the National Parks Services. However, I have been pressured and coerced...to sale my property for less than fair market value. [715, NJ] NEG
o Alligator Ally was put through and made my land unaccessible & worthless. [717, FL] NEG
o National Park Service was very accomodating in my case. [Price set YES] [727, AZ] UNK
o My sale of easement rights was entirely Voluntary. I experienced no pressure. I welcome the easement rights program. [731, MN] POS
o ...I cannot say the sale of my last 10 acres in S. Florida was voluntary. I knew the Park Service would acquire it either with my acceptance of their offer or per court action. I originally had 200 acres in 3 parcels (160 A, 30 & 10 A). I contested in court the 160 & 30 A parcels...On the 160 A the Interior Dept offered me $32,000, (about 1980). After about 2 years, the lawyers representing me agreed to a settlement ....They agreed to a price of $60.000. I got $51,000 after the lawyers took their cut. There was a similar settlement for the 30 A. With the sale of the 10 A in 1992 I accepted the $5000...offered...because I didn't want to bother with lawyers & delay because I didn't feel...worth the hassle....Yes restrictions reduced the value/use....they in effect blocked the land from any practical use ....the sole use became to sale to the gov't.... [735, FL] NEG
o ...We were told we would be condemned if we didn't settle, and that a more profitable price would be a risk taken by us on going to court [737,VA] NEG
o Don't know if this was in court or not. [746, IL] NEG
o We wanted to keep the property...to retire there....owned...since 1961....told...the land was going to be condemned. Our attorney told us not to be a part of fighting for more money, because it would cost more in the long run. It may be too late for us but
maybe you can help other land owners. [750, NY]
o I sold the property because I had no use for it. They set the price that I received. [751, MI] UNK
o We were not interested in selling our property....They told us that it was better for us to settle out of court. [Voluntary No] [756, FL] NEG
o ...had really no recourse but to sell....I was very disgusted with the manner in which the Federal Govt. arbitrarily took my
property [762, IL]
o I was told...the land which I owned...(30 years approx) had become...part of the Everglades....The price was stated by them....if I kept it I would just keep paying taxes...I didn't want to go to court.... [773, FL] NEG
o ...I was told in a phone conversation that if I did not accept the price offered I could go to court or my land could be taken by eminent domain. [784, CT] NEG
o ....I feel I was cheated out of my property. [789, FL] NEG
o ....Son los bandidos [Voluntary NO] [790, MA] NEG
o I really expected more... [Price set YES] [794, NY] NEG
o ...told me if I went to court or not they will still get the land ...part of the Everglades, [798, FL] NEG
o ...Felt like we had no choice but to sell or lose to eminent
domain. [voluntary NO] [800, FL]
o I am totally satisfied with the transaction. [809, FL] POS
o ...the government decide to take over the land and have for preservation. I paid a company to appraise it and the was worth $15,000.00,...the offer was for $3,250.00,...they toll me that I could go to court...and I think have the money for attorney fees. [812, FL] NEG
o Dept. said that the land will be joined to the National Park...
they promised not to sell it to developers. [822, NJ]
o I was told that all other parcels of land was sold all around my
land. [823, OH]
o Do not necessarily agree with price received. [831, SC] NEG
o ...they assessed its value according to their in house appraisers report which was final and binding....I was threatened with
'eminent domain' if I did not sell so under pressure. [836, FL]
o ...they (gov't) were going to take it, & I had no choice except to sue if I didn't like it. They undercut what the land was worth because first they put a building moratorium on it (5 yrs ago) making the land virtually worthless & then they take it at any value they wanted. [839, FL] NEG
o ....They sent me a contract with set price and the only way to get any more out of them was to take them to court. Naturally I could not bear the expense of fighting the Federal Government & their multitude of experienced lawyers, knowing in the end I would lose out. [847, AZ] NEG
o I accepted the offer made by the government. [853, FL] UNK
o I sold my land willingly however, I was not told I had an option. [855, NC] UNK
o I gave in after several calls. [Price set YES] [860, IL] NEG
o My dad bought that land many years ago to give it to me...so that I have something for the future....it was a great sacrifice for him....I feel I was pressure to sale it at not even half of what my dad paid for it. [Voluntary NO] [869, FL] NEG
o I sold my property because of what I understood from the letter I am enclosing....If this offer was not accepted within 30 days there will be no funds available, and I'll probably end up with no money and no property, [872, PR] NEG
o I had no alternative than to sell....it would be condemned &
taken because of the location....That's our government. [899, NC]
o The sale was voluntarely, this time, because I knew that the land acquisition office would push me and keep on pushing me till I sell. It happened to me before, and I learned that at the end I must sell. So this time I sold entirely voluntarely. [902, CO] NEG
o ....When this Bill became introduced...we would no longer be able to improve our property....would have sold for approx three times what we had paid for it.... [Voluntary NO] [905, CO] NEG
o The sale could be called 'voluntary' they informed of what they would pay - that was it - no choice. I could either 'conform'
or wait - and wait for the same payment.... I also had 10 acres
taken from me some years ago - same manner. [913, TX]
o This was an easement, not a sale of property [943, WI] UNK
o We bought...in 1965....wanted to sell it but was told...the land
was codemned....as long as it was condemned....I agreed. [954, CA]
o ...they took us on as a hardship case....kindness and promptness....wonderful representation of the United States [960, OH] POS
o ...was sold to us as a buildable lot....We lost about 5,500.00
don't think this is fair. [Voluntary NO] [966, FL]
o ...had to sell since the use of property had for several years - 15 to 20...been restricted.....Had owned the land thirty-six yrs [971,AR] NEG
o ...until I 75 was built and a fence was installed...giving us no
accesss to our property. [Price set YES] [973, FL]
o Since we had no use for the land, we sold it at the assessed
value of $2,500. [975, FL]
o ..., the agent (Park Service) agreed to $3000 - for...7 1/2 acres. Original price paid -$3000 per acre, Plus interest +
taxes for almost 20 years. Sold at a loss. [979, FL]
o I was glad of the results - but I had no choice. [Voluntary NO]
[982, NJ]
o ....A moritorium went into effect several years later changing
the 5 acres to 40 acres required to build! [987, FL]
o property was worth more than what I was paid. [Voluntary NO] [990, FL] NEG
o ...Upon inquiring.., was told only accesible way to the land was by airboat or helicopter as it was surrounded by water. [991, PA] UNK
o We are 83 & 85. We asked...to buy...Life Estate. We are
happy with the deal. Clayton was the fifth generation here.
they came March 24 - 1806. [961 OH]
o As a member of the 'Landowner's Conservation & Protective Association' . . . I was advised that the offer...was the going
appraised value (Government condemned land).... [1000, CA]
o Threat of possible eminent domain....Price was totally unfair.... The value of my land was greatly lowered by the direct intervention of the Dept of Interior. [1005, WA] NEG
o ...they put a sign up which said government property keep out.
[Pressure YES] [1018, IL]
o This is the area that Congress authorized to be taken for expansion of Everglades....The park already had more land than they need. [1022, FL] NEG
o I didn't sell any land. [1027, NJ] UNK
o ...always wanted to give it to my children. I had it for thirty years....To fight for more money we had to go to court and as retired person I am unable to spend money and lose.... [1029, FL] NEG
o ...hard to sell because of its location and swampy nature. I was
happy with what I received....paid too many years [1036, NC]
o ...good use of the land as a preserve...was an advantage for possibly many people.....no dealings in a court of any kind....
a purely Voluntary action with no type of pressure. [1040, MI]
o ...in a hard to get area and will be used as part of the Great
Cypress....my dealing with the agent were fair. [1049, FL]
o ...if I did not sell, the Government could take my land,... I really did not want to sell [1053, FL] NEG
o ...purchased...l970 with building permits....was informed...the land was sold...taxes were not paid...advised me 7 years later....contacted the offices in Florida to provide proof yet the land was already sold!. I was then advised that I would receive a check foR $5,000.00 sometime in April of 1993. [Voluntary NO] [1058,NJ] NEG
o ....never seen such an unprofessional staff in my entire life.... no choice in the matter, the deal was cut & dried from the beginning.... accept their offer or receive nothing at all. [1079, IL] NEG
o ...the government was interested and was buying for $10,000.00. So we decided to sell and did. My husband had died. [1089, NC] UNK
o ...a gift in 1967 for me (Xmas gift $1,800) by my former husband.... unfair and quite shocking...if I had to go to Court it would have cost me a great deal more money in Court costs and in the end, end up with the State still taking the property. I feel like an abused Indian, 'White men do speak in forked tongues.' [1092, DE] NEG
o ...our land was in an area...considered for a preserve....we were not pressured. [1097, FL] UNK
o The restrictions on my land use, made its value plummet; caused me to feel I had no choice but to sell.... [1101, CA] NEG
o The gov't closed in on my property. Cut off access....other
restrictions....into a corner. [Voluntary NO] [1108, NC]
o ...would not have sold...but...if I didn't they would start
condemnation proceedings....no chance of winning. [1112, MD]
o ...were told that we would accept or they would just condemn the land....disappointed with 'Our Government'.... [1117, AL] NEG
o ...if I didn't they would condemn it...and I would have to pay
court cost out of what they had offered. [1119, MN]
o ...it's either agree with their offer or let it go through means of Condemnation ...As land owners our rights have been violated.... [1129a, NC] NEG
o ...don't understand why I am asked to fill out a questionaire -
...was happy to sell it. [1130a, FL]
o ...told I will not get any more money even if I try....I told her my land value is more....She said Oh no. I do hope you can help me get more. [Voluntary NO] [1130b, IL] NEG
 o ...if I didn't sell it, I would lose it to eminent domain. The price offered was not negotiable but established by the Park Service [135, CT] NEG
o Although there was no 'under the gun'...there was underlying pressure....take this price or forget it....the only way...was to submit to the wishes of the Park Service.... [1136, MD] NEG

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